Syncing Smartsheet to Airtable

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  • I am looking to have a brief meeting with someone to review my workflow I worked on with another partner of Make. I am currently going through the process of getting certified through Make but a series of events escalated this ask. What I am trying to do is pull two workflows out of Smartsheet and into Airtable for a client. One workflow I need help building is to pull just the value out of a cell in Smartsheet that is our time ticker for the client. The other workflow is to populate records (rows) into Airtable from Smartsheet under the corresponding week it is tied too. Both these workflows would only need to be ran once a week. I am looking from one future partner to another to help me learn this process quick.

Thank you!
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  • We can review in a brief meeting.

Hey @Evan_Shortreed do you still need help with this?

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