Syncing WildApricot Membership Groups with Microsoft 365 Groups

We built out a scenario that allows WildApricot membership groups to by sync’ed by email address to a Microsoft 365 group. A member can select which group they belong to in their profile in WildApricot or be assigned by an Admin and if a similarly named group exists in Microsoft 365, their group memberships are sync’d. Any new groups you select are added in Microsoft 365. If a member unchecks membership groups, their membership is similarly removed from the related Microsoft groups.

Another feature is that the name and display name is sync’d between WildApricot and Microsoft Groups. If you suspend a Member in WildApricot all their membership groups are cleared in Microsoft 365. If you’d like to know more please contact us on our website at

Here’s the picture of the scenario

And here’s a 27 minute walkthrough of the scenario to show how this scenario works: