Assigning chat members in MS Teams


I want to automate sending a Teams Message in a OneOnOne Chat. The receipients email i receive as a string from a webhook.

When I Select the Chat Members by hand in the Teams module, it works just fine. See my first two screenshots.

If i try to map the members, without writing any additional input myself, it already fails to read the members as an array. See the second two screenshots.

My Goal is to the receipients User ID in the Members Array. I get the ID by searching the User via his Email, which is receive in the Webhook.

Can some help me figure out how to map the sending and receiving user in the Send Message Module?

First Screenshots showing the module when i select the members from the available list.
By selecting the Members from the available list the Array is displayed as such and the message can be send in chat.

By switching from the List to Mapping, without any changes. The array is no longer recognized as one.

Finaly: this is what I want to achieve to work with:
Behold thought, i just replaced the User ID with what i get from the Search User Module. No idea if it is intended to work this way or any extra steps are needed.

My Scenario as it is now:


I noticed that you’ve mapped the Members as text data. However, please check the field data type; if it’s an array, it requires an array data type. So, please try disabling and reselecting the members.

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Hi there

Thanks for the quick answer.

I only started working with Make and APIs in general this year. So it’s hard for me to understand.
How would i check the field data type or make sure that i put in an array instead of just text?

Please use split function.

Members only accept an array function. To create an array, we can use the split function, separated by commas.


Managed to make it Work by using the Split function as suggested.
Thanks :smile: