Telegram > Add caption to only first photo (in an album)

I want to add caption to album in my telegram group .

Telegram says , that to do this, I should only add caption to first photo. How to do it. (Using aggregator is giving me caption in all of my photos )

Aggregating these values in aggregator (I only want to give caption in first value, and not for rest of the values )-

Each photo having its own caption -

Scenario -

Output i want -

Output I am getting (Bunch of images with no caption at the bottom and each photo having individual caption )-

No caption at the bottom

Individual Photos having their own caption

Some more images from scenario -

Creating an array from url / images from google sheet-

Blueprint -

blueprint.json (47.4 KB)

@CodexSolutions @JugaadiTech @Manish_GrowwStacks @Msquare_Automation @Terry_Hopper @samliew . please help

If somebody can help , it will be great

Hi @Shashwat_Chopra

This occurs because when you include a caption in the aggregator’s caption field, it will apply to every image. To solve your issue, please consider utilizing an “if” function within the aggregator’s caption field like as shown below.
{{if(1.__IMTINDEX__ = 1; 3.x; emptystring)}}

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