Telegram response (replay) module

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There is a scenario that publishes a message to a telegram channel. I need to add a module(s) so that another message in the form of a picture will be published in XX minutes in response to this message.

Can you please tell me how to implement this functionality?

Hi Rory. In this case you must use datastore to save control the data. Every message you send in the first Telegram message module must be save in the datastore. The you create a new scenario to keep looking for the next triggered messages with images or any other content.

Another way is subscribe to a service like Croonhooks to schedule the next messages without use datastore and saving Make operations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any additional help.


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You can divide the scenario into two:
Scenario 1: Add the message details to a datastore using the module “Add/Replace a record”. To do this create a datastore with a message, DateTime.
Scenario 2: Search records and see the time difference in filtering. If the time has arrived, process it and delete the record after publishing it.

Time diff between Minutes
{{round((now - parseDate(12.date_created)) / 1000 / 60)}}

For more details about datastore, refer to the below link:

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@Wemakefuture @Msquare_Automation thank you

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hey, can you show example how to use croonhooks to schedule the replay message ?