Telegram webhook

I have a telegram watch updates to get instant feed Finally got this to work However, I’m getting feed from 12 hrs ago and I selected instant data how can I receive the most recent updates ?

You may need to go to the Webhook queue and delete all the older requests (if any), and keep the scenario on for new requests to be processed immediately.


I’ll have to do that each time it triggers? What I’m trying to do so forward post from one bot to another instantly is there an another way besides using the watch updates module ?Tysm for replying this has been a pain indeed

No, you only have to do it once, provided you leave the scenario on from now on.

When the scenario is off, the webhook still accepts requests but the scenario does not run.

Those requests get stored in a webhook queue until you process or clear them, hence you see older items.


Yes, your right I did get it to run but now I’m running into a error on the http module in the scenario I have to resolve target url to get the raw data but it’s now giving error ECONNRESET:Service temporarily unavailable:(

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It’s fixed now I simply replaced the Module and it worked the website was also having trouble but it’s fixed now Thanks Again for your help if I have more questions and I’m sure I will I’ll make a new topic.


Hello @Venice :wave:

I just want to quickly jump in and say congrats on solving this one with the assistance of @samliew :clap:

Also, thanks a lot for coming back here and sharing what did the trick with the rest of the community. We all 100% appreciate it :pray:

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