Test an Iterator module using the "Run this module only" function with an input array?

I cannot figure out how to pass an array (or a collection) to a module when I want to test it using the “Run this module only” feature. It appears to only accept a string.

Why not run the whole scenario, since you just have these 2 modules? That way, the correct value will be passed to the Iterator

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Yes thank you, that certainly works. However, I’m currently trying to debug a much more complex scenario. I wanted to quickly test the Iterator with my own array, which contains several large collections.

I see - in the first option you explored in the video, it looks like the formula didn’t paste correctly. You may try to ensure that when you copy-paste, the brackets and Make syntax are retained (like in the screenshot). I tried with the same example array as yours, and it worked well with the first method (copy-paste the formula).



I tried the following input strings to create an array for the “Run this module only” on the Iterator:
{{add(emptyarray; “”“A”“”; “”“B”“”; “”“C”“”)}}
{{add(emptyarray; “A”; “B”; “C”)}}
[ { “Array”: [“"A"”, “”"B"", “"C"”] } ]
[ { “Array”: [“A”, “B”, “C”] } ]

But I still only get one string and one bundle on the Iterator module. Any idea?

Ok, I am not able to any further then. It’s the same for me: inputting the array in the “Run this module only” field doesn’t work. It only works when “hardcoding” the array inside the Iterator module

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Hey there @Nicolas_Berney :wave:

just wondering how’s your scenario looking.
Have you made any progress with @Simo’s suggestions?

Thanks for getting back here and sharing your thoughts :sunny:

Thanks for checking. I was not able to find a solution to input an array to test a only one step (Rune this module only). But I’m not testing it this way anymore and need to run more than just one step.