Text parser replace with different values

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In my Scenario, I receive Data from a customer form via webhook and I write this data automated to a spreadsheet.
The people are answering the questions in German, but in the end, I need some address strings in the spreadsheet in English.

Is there a possibility to upload a list or a dict with the translations to change these strings automatically?

For example, I like to change all typed countries to English.
e.g ‘Deutschland’ to ‘Germany’, ‘Spanien’ to ‘Spain’ or ‘Italien’ to ‘Italy’.

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

In the end, it means, that I like to use the replace text parser with different input values, matched to different output values.

Is this possible?

You could set two arrays: one in German and a corresponding one in English for each country. Then, you use an iterator module on the first array to get the index of the item in the array. You can then use that to get the English translation from the second array.

You could also use a data store for this with two ‘columns’ (in Make these are defined as data structures). Each row contains two words for a country: one for the German translation and one in English. You can manually add all the countries, and then just search for a record in the data store and get the English version.

Yet another solution could be to simply use the Google Translate module.

Hope this was helpful!

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