TextMagic - RuntimeError [400] Validation Failed

Hi All

We are using Make.com, to add contact information to TextMagic.com via an API key
I have a scenario to add contact info to textmagic (Name/Mobile/Email)
This was all working fine for a few weeks

I am now getting this error I am getting:
Initialization **
** Data size: 0

**Operation 1 **
[400] Validation Failed.


I have:

  • Deleted the connection in Make with TextMagic
  • Deleted the API key in TextMagic
  • Created new API key on Textmagic
  • Went into the scenario and created a NEW connection to Textmagic, using the new API key
  • On 2 other similar scenarios, I added this connection also
  • Tested this and all worked fine for the first run
  • Then it will start to error again?

What am I missing please?
thank you

I’m experiencing the same RuntimeError on a module that was running fine earlier in the day. There have been no changes to the configuration.

Have you made any progress in troubleshooting here?