The operation failed with an error. Application request limit reached (4, OAuthException) Instagram Graph API?

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Instagram Request Limit? I just input one link into the post function.

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Im having the same problem here. Make support team says that facebook is blocking the action, facebook support assures me there is not any block in my account and the problem is with Make…
So basically there is not solution, booth have not idea on what is going on…
I expend almost one hour on the phone with facebook trying to find any error, and they found nothing.
While Make… Well the support is horrible… They only answer with “is not or problem” or a basic tutorial you can find by yourself…
if you find a solution let me know, please… it is very important to me
If you are a business user on facebook you can try the chat support , they are very courteous.
Im in Brazil and they doenst goes deep in the api. Maybe if you are in somewhere else they could give a more accurate information.

Same thing. No idea how to overcome this issue. In my case, it’s making Make obsolete ¯_(ツ)_/¯