The operation failed with an error. Application request limit reached (4, OAuthException) Instagram Graph API?

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Instagram Request Limit? I just input one link into the post function.

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Im having the same problem here. Make support team says that facebook is blocking the action, facebook support assures me there is not any block in my account and the problem is with Make…
So basically there is not solution, booth have not idea on what is going on…
I expend almost one hour on the phone with facebook trying to find any error, and they found nothing.
While Make… Well the support is horrible… They only answer with “is not or problem” or a basic tutorial you can find by yourself…
if you find a solution let me know, please… it is very important to me
If you are a business user on facebook you can try the chat support , they are very courteous.
Im in Brazil and they doenst goes deep in the api. Maybe if you are in somewhere else they could give a more accurate information.

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Same thing. No idea how to overcome this issue. In my case, it’s making Make obsolete ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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That what I found here: [Instagram publishing errors - Limber - Employee Advocacy](https://Insta Error 4)

"## 13. Application request limit reached (error code “4”, subcode “2207051”)

Instagram restricts certain posts to protect its community and your post appears to be considered as a spam. Therefore, we recommend that you modify your post and try to publish it again."

That means Facebook mark it as SPAM


Now I’m curious as to the content they are trying to publish, and why it would trigger the spam filter.


For example I’ve only post an Amazon Findings in my blog.
6 times in a day.
After 5 days Instagram shows me this error.
And Pinterest starting to send me 201 error from time to time.

I think that Insta seen from what platform it was sending and start blocking after some period.

Rules for Instagram (which I noticed):

  1. Do not post photos with the same names.
  2. If you use GPT for texts - be sure to set line breaks.

Make works great.
That’s all in Instagram platform filters.

Well, it so happens I get the same type error from Instagram,

“Application request limit reached (4, OAuthException)” when posting to IG.
I have the same connectors to FB and IG posting only FB doesn’t fail.

Make cares …don’t seem to care I have not received any support from them on this issue either.
if anyone has any other solutions, please share.

You has banned by Instagram. Made new Insta account.

Don’t use the same names in photos which you post in Insta. Example:
“photo1.jpg” - today, tomorrow… next day after tomorrow.
Use “photoJames.jpg” than “photoOlive.jpg”

Only this thing helps me after I was banned twice before.

Your account has been banned you can try with new account with making proper connection from this , avoid using same content which you have used before try with test data and then you can get back to us.

That happens when Instagram automatically bans your app due to possible spam. You won’t receive any further help/feedback from them since they have already determined that somehow your app violates their terms. Try creating a new Instagram app and reconnect on your modules in Make.


Would you have created new one and tried?

I think it is only good solution, Thank you.
But is there not solution to activate the account restriced?

No, once your account is banned there is no chance for reinstatement.


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I can’t see “solution”