The output of my module "Google Cloud Text To Speech" is a set of number and not a mp3... can someone help me?


I need to have a mp3 as an output of my Text To Speech module… instead I have some numbers… can someone help me ?

Tks Philippe

It is not a number, but rather a raw audio file in binary format. You can use it to upload the data to Google Drive or other modules.

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Ok @Runcorn , but how can i make it a mp3 file… do I need to dowloader it to my drive to have a mp3 ? Tks for your answer

I cracked it. Actually, I tried to put the mp3 file by adding a message but i needed to add a file… to be able to add the mp3. The change from a raw audio file in binary format to a mp3 happened by itself. Have a nice day Philippe

Hello there @Philippe_Tschanun :wave:

Amazing that you managed to figure this out with @Runcorn 's guidance and your own wit. Kudos for getting this up and running!

Also, thank you very much for stepping back in here and sharing those final steps that did the trick for you. Super helpful and 100% appreciated :pray:

FYI: I am marking your last comment as a solution to keep the community tidy. This way, folks searching for similar information will know where to find it :white_check_mark: