Timezone problem with Google Calendar watch event's module

I want to retrieve from a Google event the start/end times of the exact timezone setted. But the Google calendar watch event’s module don’t get this times.

Fristly, I was thinking that the start/end times was the times in the timezone of the Google Calendar account (which is France in my case), but no. Because I’ve changed the timezone of the Google Calendar general setting and the timezone of the Google specific calendar to another country. And the module is retrieving the same times.


I’m not sure. Perhaps check Make.com’s settings to see if that is causing the issue. You may need to also change the Timezone in the event. Are you by any chance getting UTC time?


Hi Anthony. ok, I will made some tests modifying the Make.com’s timezene setting. About getting the times in UTC format, the answer is yes. Why would it be a chance ? Thanks.

Hello @ealm

You can check this documentation maybe will help you Manage time zones (make.com)



I was just thinking that this could help because if the time being displayed is UTC/GMT in reality it should adjust for that services timezone setting against that. So if the time is 12:00 UTC it will show up on Google calendar at 7am for example if you are on EST time.