To a twitter autoreply automatically to certain tweet

Anyone with auto reply to a certain in make? Can you share your workflow please

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Can you please define “certain tweet”? Do you already have the ID of the Twitter post?

Adding more information will allow others to provide more suitable suggestions for your use-case.

You can also view the available Twitter templates here


For example I followed Lebron James - then I want to automate a auto comment on specific tweet of lebron James. I am new into this. If I can get a template with that I can easily follow the workflow. Right now I don’t know how to start

I mean, how would you differentiate a “specific tweet” to process, as opposed to “all tweets” from Lebron James?

You can use these modules to get tweets:


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The process that I’m thinkin rn, is when LBJ tweet a topic, my twitter will trigger an automatic comment on that topic generated by chatgpt

Watch tweets – tweet ID — auto comment - But I do what triggers or action I will put on make do I need a http request?

You’ll need a minimum of three modules:

Give it a go and let us know if you have any issues!


Thank you - I will update here, If I encounter issues. Thank you very much for the response I really appreciate it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Sorry I am noob, I can’t get the flow. If you can send me a detailed workflow on this I really appreciate it