Todoist Query field in "List Uncompleted Tasks"


I’m having trouble with the module “List Uncompleted Tasks” for Todoist. I can get all tasks in the given project. But I can’t figure out how to use the Query field

I want to get only tasks from a specific project with a specific label. I tried different queries like @nameofmylabel, #nameofmylabel, nameofmylabel and so on. The query only works on the content, not on the label field. Shouldn’t this field accept the Todoist queries or am I mistaken?

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Hi :wave:t5:

As far as I know, the mentioned module uses the Todoist "Get project data" API endpoint and filters only the uncompleted “items” (tasks) in the background.

If you use the module’s “query” it searches the items’ “content” field and outputs only those which match.
It does not search “labels” at all.

It might then be better to not use the "query" at all but use the Make filter instead and use the "contains" **array** operator to filter those tasks that contain specific label(s).