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Did you ever needed a special way to process data on make?
While working on hundresds of processes, we encoutered a lot of situations where a custom module could solve the problem a lot easier and more efficient. This is how we developed our Tools Applications.


You can see a full list of actions here, but the most interesting ones for me are:

  • Webhook + Json for Backup (get also full Json so you can backitup to a datastore)
  • Webhook - Hookdeck integration (Create webhooks directly inside hookdeck)
  • Webhook Trigger (triger more webhooks at the same time, and get log data included)
  • Multi-Row Upload for Google Sheet / Excel (creates the structure so you can upload directy to a google sheet)
  • Multiple Text Replace
  • Split big CSV files into multiple files
  • Parse Somail or Eml files
  • Country Codes
    *Clean Json and Parse (clean json comming from emails)

Do you need a special way to manipulate so data? Ask for our support and we can build a module for you.

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Happy Automating