Track Changes in Microsoft Word

Hi all, I am creating a document from a template using Word Template; I am trying to figure out to show the changes in a track changes format created as a result of the template creation. Anyone has any clues on this? Much appreciated!

Popping this back up with hope that someone might see this and have an idea? Many thanks!

Hey @Snail

I believe you will have to call the Microsoft Graph API to trigger webhooks from a Word doc to track changes. Not sure if it’s entirely possible. But this link (Working with files in Microsoft Graph - Microsoft Graph v1.0 | Microsoft Learn) should be a good starting point for you to understand the capabilities of the Graph API in perspective of Microsoft Word.


Hey @Snail :wave:

Just thought I might ask you if you made any progress with figuring out this problem. :relieved:

If yes, could you share with us your solution and help other users who might have similar issues?

Thanks a lot! :cherry_blossom: