Track data changes in a specified column (Google Sheets)

I need to find the change of data in a column in a Google Sheets sheet to a text string I specify.

The main goal is to send a Telegram message containing data (text) from certain columns of the table (column header + data in the cell) when the text “My message” is found in the cell in this column

Hello @PB1 and welcome to the Make Community!

What have you tried so far?

You could probably use a Google Sheets Watch Changes module, which requires installing a Google Sheets add-on.
That module will return information about the row that was changed, including old value and new value of the changed cell.
You can then see if that new value contains the text “My content” and proceed accordingly.


Yes, my mistake was that I hadn’t read the webhook’s response carefully. It contains all the data about the cell content before and after the webhook was triggered
Thank you for your help!