Track the purchase of a specific product in stripe

Hello, we have various products in our stripe account and I want to track the purchases of a specific product and fetch the information of the purchaser that is given during the purchase such as name and email. How can I achieve this?

Scenario: Track Purchases and Fetch Purchaser Information

  1. Stripe New Charges Trigger:
  • Start the scenario with a “Stripe New Charges” trigger module.
  • Configure the trigger to watch for new charges in your Stripe account.
  1. Filter Specific Product:
  • Add a “Filter” module after the trigger.
  • Configure the filter to check if the charge includes the specific product you want to track. You can do this by checking the product ID or other relevant information in the charge data.
  1. Retrieve Customer Details:
  • After the filter, add a “Retrieve a Customer” module.
  • Map the customer ID from the charge data to the “Customer ID” field of the module.
  1. Extract Purchaser Information:
  • Add a “Set Variable” module after retrieving the customer details.
  • Use this module to extract the purchaser’s name and email from the customer details response. You can use expressions to access specific fields.
  1. Do Actions with Purchaser Information:
  • With the extracted purchaser information, you can perform various actions, such as sending an email, creating a contact in your CRM, or adding the details to a Google Sheet.
  1. Notification (Optional):
  • To receive notifications about successful purchases, you can add a notification step at the end of the scenario. This could be an email or a message to a communication platform.

Here’s a high-level description of the steps in your scenario. Depending on your needs and the platforms you want to integrate with, you might need to adjust the modules used and the specific fields you’re mapping.
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Perfect, that helped a lot. I managed to track the purchase of a specific product through its payment link, defining a custom metadata for this specific payment link. After that I could extract the mail, name and a custom field from the checkout process of the payment link.