Working with Stripe trigger to know what was purchased with a successful charge

I want to set up a scenario that triggers when there’s a successful charge on Stripe. I’m using a payment link for a specific product. The output of the successful charge trigger does not give any identifying information to then use to know what was purchased (neither payment link nor product). I don’t see any information that I can then use in a subsequent step to get the product information either.

Has anyone worked with the Stripe integration and able to let me know what trigger and action steps I need so that when someone purchases a product via payment link, I can then know what product was purchased?

Looks like you have a payment intent ID from your output bundle.

Try the “Retrieve a Payment Intent” module to fetch additional details about the payment intent, and see the output bundle.



I tried that as well, but I don’t see any information about what was purchased or even the Stripe payment link ID.

What do the collapsed fields contain? (asking because I don’t have Stripe to try it out on)


Nothing useful. The Charges is just the same data as is captured from the Charge trigger. Payment method is just whether it was card or some other method. Metadata is empty. Amount details is whether there was a tip.

Perhaps you can map Payment Link IDs in an Operational Database like Airtable and then look them up in Airtable after that payment link is used?


@AnthonyatXRay There’s no payment link ID in the current outputs though. Is there a different module that would get me that information?

I see the invoice field is empty so there’s no invoice related to this payment. The only place to find what this was for as a result is in a description field which appears empty too. Your system that is sending a post to /v1/charges could send a description field with the details of the products being paid for. Otherwise it’s impossible to know what the products are without a related invoice.

Check your payment link and make sure it’s connected to a product or subscription. I tested one with a subscription and it definitely had a related invoice with it.

I use the test mode to test transactions against stripe and you can see all the json that is passed for every call of the transaction.


Not sure if you have resolved your issue, but I had a similar issue when I didn’t enable receipts to customer within Stripe. The Payment Intent - Payment Successful is what I used but to find the fields I needed I needed that step enabled.