Treatment of content to ChatGPT from two sources

Hello, I can’t find any example or info in the community regarding the treatment of more than one source into one. And I explain:

I want to get info from two sources (let’s say two google Sheets) into ChatGPT, so ChatGPT process or develop content based on fields from two Google sheets.
In example. Let’s say in one Google sheet I have the list of tittles and in the other I have the keywords. I know I could have this merge into one Excel, but the problem also comes yif I have two tabs in the Google sheet.
I’ve took a look into agregators but I can’t.
So the question is. How can I get content from two Google sheets into ChatGPT?
Thank you

Ps: In this case is a bit more complicated. As in the first file there are a list of employees, and in the second file there is a list of internal positions in the company (diferent jobs), let’s say I want to have ChatGPT to choose the first employee and read all the open positions in the second Google sheet that has all the positions, and based on that, make a decision and at the end, show a google sheet with all the matching employee - position.

Hi @Juan,

You would simply use two Google Sheets modules inline - one right after the other. The third module would have access to the result of both.

Since it’s Google Sheets you would almost always have to aggregate the results so it would be more like Google Sheets → Aggregator → Google Sheets → Aggregator then the next module would have access to the result of the previous two aggregators.

I hope that helps.


Hi @Donald_Mitchell, thank you for your fast response.
I’ve seen the one after another yesterday, but I’m missing the iterator. I mean, how do I search for each student all the job positions? 1 to n? and for each give a result?
Meanwhile I’ve gave this two files to ChatGPT and it took like a formula with weights based on for example, location, age, and sector. So the AI thought like a recruiter based on that formula. At the end, the system gave points to each Student. Maybe I don’t need such a complicated thought. ChatGPT in between the relation student + search all the positions, can do the job.
I’ll play with your help now knowing that the only way is one after another.
It would be awesome to have to entries linked to one like now is one to n, I mean to have a router receiving to sources and give it to ChatGPT (in this example), not one after another. Hope to see it soon in
I love it, BTW.

Unfortunately, I am having trouble understanding what you’re trying to do without knowledge of how your data is structured.

If possible, it would help to see some examples of how each sheet is set up, and how it needs to be manipulated prior to getting to the OpenAI bits.


Morning @Donald_Mitchell
File1: List of students with profiles fields: university, interests, name, age, location…
File2: Companies, with fields: name, location, name of the job open position, what the position requires,…

What I want is, for each student, ChatGPT has to find the best match student - Company open position.
Thank you

When you use a Google Sheets Get Rows / Range Values + Text Aggregator, the result is formatted text you could provide to ChatGPT for this purpose.

The Google Sheets module acts as an Iterator since they usually return multiple bundles.
The Aggregator combine all the modules into either some text / JSON or an Array, depending on which aggregator you use. for this purpose you likely need Text Aggregator.

The question now is what needs to be fed to OpenAI?
Is it the complete list of candidates and the complete list of open positions?


That’s correct, all the students and all the companies.
With your question, you opened my mind. Why not give all the content at once?
So chatGPT process it that way.
Would it be the same solution you tell me, correct?
Thank you

I suppose it all depends on what you want OpenAI to do.

If you want OpenAI to accept everything, then you already have what you need in the output of both Text Aggregators.