Trello + Router miss "labels"

Hi !

I did a scenario to create and post automatically a idea from trello to a Instagram post. I want to add a routeur to add a rule : If Trello Card label is “Yellow” - this way. If it’s Red, this way.

But i can’t find “labels” in items. Can you help me with this please ?

Thanks a lot !

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Have you tried this module yet? Does it return labels for the retrieved card?



Hi !

Thanks for your answer. I checked but i don’t know what to do with this module.
Meanwhile, i found a solution :
I add filters in my router. If my card name end with “+” = this way. If it’s end by “=”, this way.

It works !


Hi @Loic_Dodoux welcome to the community :wave:

I just wanted to quickly say awesome work figuring this one out :clap:

Thanks a lot for circling back to the community and sharing what did the final trick with the rest of us. This could be super helpful for many others looking for similar information :pray:

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