Trigger: New Custom Activity


I am working with but I can not find the trigger “new custom activity”. Is the trigger deactivated? or do I need a workaround? At the moment we use zapier and the trigger “new custom activity” in many automation.

thx for helping

I can’t see neither a webhook for custom activity in the close CRM Make application.
A work around could be to develop the webhook using close API webhook documentation with this event, and the menu app from Make.
If you need any assistance let me know or you can find more help with this documentation : Webhooks - Make Apps


Hello, @maschine, I am sharing the triggers that Make has for the different activities.
Are any of these useful for you? If not, tell us what type of activity the trigger you use in Zapier brings you.


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Hi @Francisco_Fontes ,

I am looking for this trigger:

New Custom Activity.

In Close you do have:
Notes, Emails, Calls and Custom Activity.

Here the Api for custom activities

Custom activities are used for creating individuell sales process and and workflows. I guess many people are looking for this trigger that want to switch from Zapier to make

We do use custom activities for different reasons as well as many of our clients. An easy solution for that case would help us a lot.

at the moment we cant figure out how to use a new custom activity as a trigger and can’t switch from Zapier to make.

Can you/ someone help us to build a workaround as long as this trigger doesn’t exist yet?

or does anyone have a idea how I could build a this trigger functionality using the modules “webhooks” + module “call a api”