Trigger scenario run from another scenario

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I have a scenario that needs to run after another scenario ran successfully.

Is there a way to trigger a scenario run from another scenario?


That is definitely possible! Lets take a look at how to go about accomplishing it :brain:

To make things easier for us, lets start from the end, i.e. from the second scenario that youll want to trigger after the first scenario successfully ran.

First of all, youll need to create a webhook. That will be the starting module of the scenario that you want to trigger. In order to set everything up, use the Copy address to clipboard button.

Secondly, put an HTTP module Make a request at the end of the first scenario and paste the URL of the Webhook to the URL field:

And thats it! :magic_wand:

Now, every time your scenario gets to the HTTP module, the module will send an HTTP request and trigger the custom webhook at the start of the second scenario :nerd_face:

Helpful Links:
:make: Webhook guide


This is filled with awesome, love it :clap:


Dont you think it is much simpler and clear to have a run scenario API in the Make module instead of defining a new webhook and then calling it?
I could not find Run scenario module, but there is a run scenario permission when I want to create an access tocken!

Look at this question and its answer: Why the Make app does not have `Run a Scenario` module?