Why the Make app does not have `Run a Scenario` module?

My main requirement is to modularize my scenarios and run one scenario from another one (without duplication). I have read these two topics:

I think it is much simpler and clear to have a Run a Scenario module in the Make app instead of defining a new webhook and then calling it. There is a scenarios:run permission when I want to create an access token! Where can this permission be used then?

After some searching, I found this great Make API document:

I checked it by adding an HTTP module to my scenario, and it worked. But I prefer to use a Make module instead of an HTTP module because, in this case, I don’t need to set the Authorization header manually, and it will retrieve from the associated make connection.

So my question is still: Why the Make app does not have Run a Scenario module?


You can execute the below endpoint using the Make module “Make an API Call” to achieve your requirement.

Msquare Support


This is bar far a better solution, but We still need to set some Make-related data manually. For example, in my case, scenario id, which is error-prone!

Hello @SaeedZF.
Our product team is working on bringing the ability to chain scenarios, or using scenarios as a module. Scenario Inputs and the ability to Run scenario via API are some of the steps towards it. For the funcionality that will cover your needs in a more user friendly way you will have to wait but as has been suggested here, you can execute a scenario and if needed you can map scenario id from system variables panel.


Thanks so much for stepping in @Ondra_Vesely :raised_hands:

Heya @SaeedZF welcome to the community :wave:

I’m just joining the conversation to say that if you wanna learn more about the Scenario Inputs & Run scenarios via API features, you can check out this post: 🔥 Feature Spotlight: Scenario Inputs, On-Demand Scheduling, Run Scenarios via API