Run scenario on demand from external source

Is there any way to run a scenario on demand without the need to log into Make > go to the scenario > and pressing the run once button? Is there some sort of call I can do to trigger this event?

Hi @TwiggyTizzle,

The best is to start it with a webhook. You can fire that webhook in many different ways:

  • Save the URL somewhere and just open that URL whenever you want to launch
  • You can build a very simple form on a form builder with just a button that fires the webhook
  • you could use a mailhook also so you can just trigger by sending an email to that address

Hi @TwiggyTizzle

If you want to start a scenario from your smatphone or watch, you can use the mobile apps:

iOS: Apple iOS Integration | Workflow Automation | Make
Android: Android Integration | Workflow Automation | Make

Module: Watch Button