Run scenario on demand from external source

Is there any way to run a scenario on demand without the need to log into Make > go to the scenario > and pressing the run once button? Is there some sort of call I can do to trigger this event?

Hi @TwiggyTizzle,

The best is to start it with a webhook. You can fire that webhook in many different ways:

  • Save the URL somewhere and just open that URL whenever you want to launch
  • You can build a very simple form on a form builder with just a button that fires the webhook
  • you could use a mailhook also so you can just trigger by sending an email to that address

Hi @TwiggyTizzle

If you want to start a scenario from your smatphone or watch, you can use the mobile apps:

iOS: Apple iOS Integration | Workflow Automation | Make
Android: Android Integration | Workflow Automation | Make

Module: Watch Button



I’m trying to create the POST to execute a scenario, but not sure how to configure here… Any advice? @ecomsilio @loic.wiseflow

Hi @Chad_Smith

I think this docs should help you:

  1. Getting started:
  2. Authentication:
  3. List all your scenarios (to get the ID needed in the next step):
  4. Run the scenario:


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Thank you!

I keep getting Network Error and 401.

Not completely sure how the Make documentation relates to the fields that the application im using is asking for.

To be honest, I’m not even sure how to build the proper URL structure here.

Try to put this in “URL”:

where 1234567890 is your scenario ID.

Network Error is usually something locally. Error 401 is clearly an issue with your token. Either the token is not valid or you’re missing the correct scopes.

Try something like Paw (for mac), Postman or Insomnia to test.

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