Twitter API not running on Demand for other connections?

I’ve successfully connected to my Twitter 2.0 account.

I have it set to watch for Tweets of a specific user and schedule set to on demand.

However, when the account makes a tweet nothing happens.

I have to go in an manually click on “Run once” to then see the automation work.

Am I missing something?

Did you forget to switch the scenario on?

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Yes, the scenario is running.

However, the specific Twitter app is a “Watch Tweets” (ACID).

I don’t see an instant, and not sure about using a Webhook version for this.

I saw in another thread that you responded to:

All types of features are available on all plans – they are not locked behind a paid plan, except for one Premium app (Twitter/X)

Does the instant option require a paid plan? I don’t see anything about this on the integration page -

Thank you!

There are two main types of triggers, Polling (scheduled), and Instant (webhooks). Polling triggers can only run on a schedule. Instant triggers can be run as soon as data is received by the webhook.

Polling means Make checks external service for changes (pull changes to Make).
Webhook (instant) triggers means external service calls Make when there are new changes (push changes to Make).

To find out more on the different types of Trigger modules, see refer to Types of Modules and Webhooks sections of the Make help center.

The trigger module you are using is basically a scheduled API request that Make has to occasionally “call” to fetch the latest changes/items. This is called polling. Polling modules run on a set schedule. You do not need to click Run Once on the scenario, just leave it switched on and it will run at your set schedule (by default 15 mins).

That’s because the Twitter API doesn’t have a webhook option for normal Twitter accounts. Therefore the trigger modules you see on automation platforms like Make and Zapier have to pull new information.

If you want access to webhooks for near-realtime events from Twitter, you need to be on the Twitter enterprise plan. For more information, see Getting started with webhooks | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform