Help with "Successful" Runs

Does anyone know why the first step in my scenario runs successfully but the other options don’t run?

Even when I check the bubble, there’s nothing displayed.

If the Watch CRM object returns nothing, no other modules will run. If data is returned, other modules will execute. To run this module, right-click on it and choose where to start either select all or choose manually.


This is because that is a POLLING trigger – it was performing something called a “Check run”, or you might have manually clicked on “Run once”.

In this particular execution, there was no new changes fetched from the external service.

There are two main types of triggers, Polling (scheduled), and Instant (webhooks). Polling triggers can only run on a schedule. Instant triggers can be run as soon as data is received by the webhook.

Polling means Make checks external service for changes (pull changes to Make).
Webhook (instant) triggers means external service calls Make when there are new changes (push changes to Make).

The module you are using does not push changes — it’s basically a API request that Make has to occasionally “call” to fetch the latest changes/items (also known as a “Check run”). “Check runs” consume a single operation.

To find out more on the different types of Trigger modules, see refer to Types of Modules and Webhooks sections of the Make help center.

See if your app has an “Instant” or “Webhook” trigger in Make. If not, check if the third-party service has a feature that can send out a webhooks when content is created/updated - and then you can point it to a “Custom Webhook” trigger in your scenario.


If the opertion returned from the first module is empty (no bundles) then the rest of the modules won’t run. This is how all Make scenarios operate. The first module has to generate at least 1 non-empty bundle for the subsequent module(s) to execute. Once any module in the scenario execution returns an empty output bundle, the scenario will stop executing.