Desktop with buttons to run scenarios?

how are you? Is there any way to make a view in make that allows to put some buttons that trigger some scenarios without having to enter the make lab so I can give access to other people? I’m imagining a desktop (console) with some action buttons to execute different scenarios.
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I’m not aware of any such thing baked into Make, but you can certainly build your own.

If you’re on the Core Plan or above, you can use the Make API to run scenarios.
Then, you just need somewhere to place the links.

If you’re on the Free Plan, you will need to begin your Scenarios will some sort of trigger like a Webhook, Mailhook, SmartSuite Watch Records, Airtable Watch Records, or a number of other options that are triggered from external actions.
You can’t use Make API to run scenarios on the Free Plan.

In a tool like SmartSuite or Airtable, there’s a field types called Link/URL/Button that can be configured to call a Webhooks when clicked. You could use something like that.

There are many options available to you here.


The simplest way would be to create a desktop shortcut to the URL of the webhook, but it opens in the web browser of course.

You can also set up a batch .bat file or powershell .ps1 script to run a CURL request to the webhook.


Does anybody know if it possible to run a scenario like this with a button from Notion?

Seems like it can’t be done, “Template buttons” can only insert template blocks.

You could just insert the webhook URL and get users to click on that to run the scenario.