Webhook to run a scenario: Only in paid plans?

Just a really quick question: I’m currently on the free Make plan and have a scenario (which watches a Notion database for new items and then executes an action) that I would like to run on demand through a webhook. For this, I created a Make API key (with all scopes allowed) and a second scenario with a webhook. When using the API key and trying to select the scenario, I’m getting a 403 error: [403] Permission denied: Forbidden to use token authorization for this organization.
Am I right to assume that as a free user, I’m not able to start a scenario through a webhook via an API key?

Thanks in advance!

Yeah, You are correct, Make API is not accessible in free tier.

Aw, thanks, that’s a drag.
I wonder why the documentation is not straightforward on this. For me, it doesn’t make sense a bit to shell out 9-10$ just to have one scenario run on demand. A rate limit would make so much more sense. But anyhow, thanks for clarifying.