403 error in make API for scenarios

I have created make an account and using a free trial plan.
I want to list all scenarios for my account through make API. So I created a token with scenario: read scope and used it in my below python script.

import requests

BASE_URL = "https://eu2.make.com/api/v2"
ENDPOINT = "/scenarios"
PARAMS = {"teamId": 123}
    "authorization": "Token mytoken",

res = requests.get(BASE_URL + ENDPOINT, params=PARAMS, headers=HEADERS)


But this code gives the following error,

{'detail': 'Forbidden to use token authorization for this organization.', 'message': 'Permission denied', 'code': 'SC403'}

I tried creating a new token with the same scope again still had no luck.

I’m still new to make.com and want to create scenarios through Python script. Thanks in advance.

HI @atologistkishan,

Make API is not accessible on the Free Trial/Plan. You need to have Core Plan or above to use it.



Hi @Runcorn ,
Thanks for the clarification.
Can I create a scenario using make API the same as what I can create using make.com UI?

example : Gmail to slack scenario, I can create it using no-code UI, is it possible with make API?

Hi @atologistkishan,

I haven’t tried it yet, but I believe the Create a Scenario API endpoint, will allow you to specify blueprints when creating a scenario. I am not sure if the connection can be added to the scenario though.


Hi @Runcorn ,
Thanks for your input. I will look into the Scenario API document.

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Hey there @atologistkishan :wave:

just wanted to ask whether you found a solution for your issue.

If yeah could you share your progress with us here? This way other users can use it while having similar issues.

Thank ya! :seedling: