Automating the duplication of scenarios from one Make account to another Make account


I have a general question : Is there a possibility to automate the duplication of Make scenarios from one Make account to another Make account ?

I’m selling a lead tracking solution using a combination of Pipedrive, Gmail, Twilio and everything is connected and automated via Make.

My goal is to sell that solution to other customers which means that I will have to duplicate all my Make scenarios to the customer Make account.
I have to export my scenario and import them into the other account. Then, I need to make all the connections again for Twilio, Gmail, etc. It is kind of a boring task requiring a lot of time.

Is there any way to automate that ?

My dream would be to ask the customer to fill in a form with all login and passwords for Gmail, Twillio, Pipedrive etc. and everything gets created automatically in Make.

Do you think there are some possibilities to do that ? I’m very curious to know :smiley:


My understanding is that you can create and share template scenarios with the default tools:

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