Trigger scenario stuck at requesting execution

My goal is to run this scenario to generate test data, which I intend to use for updating another module. The issue is it gets stuck at ‘requesting execution’ stage and does not trigger new data.

If I activate the scenario it works just as fine but the target field in the other module does not get updated as expected.
In an attempt to troubleshoot, I created a new scenario with the same trigger, which worked without any issues. However, recreating all modules from this scenario would be quite time-consuming. I also tried cloning the problematic scenario, but the issue persisted.

I also tested this on different browsers to rule out any browser-specific issues, but the problem remains the same.

Thank you once again for your help

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You forgot to mention which app your module belongs to.

Hence, I am guessing this is because your module is an instant module, and it is waiting for you to send data to it.

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Hello @samliew Thank you for replying.
The instant or the trigger module application is Wild Apricot and the goal of this scenario is to send the data to Airtable. I’ve attempted to generate test data during the scenario execution, but it didn’t initiate the running scenario as it previously did. When I also deployed the scenario with the same test data it triggered and executed the scenario.
Do you have an alternative to get test data even if it is previously run data to update the scenario? It will be much helpful.