How to test instant-triggered scenarios?

I have a scenario that creates a contact in our CRM as soon as a reply is received.

How can I test such a scenario? I don’t want to wait until a new trigger happens.

And, if there is an error, can I replay the instant trigger? Or is that trigger lost?

Hi @Robert_M_Munch,

For testing the instant scenario, what I generally do is copy the webhook URL and then trigger the scenario through Postman or similar tools with the required payload for the trigger to execute, which you can go to your execution history and copy from the output of the trigger module.

Regarding the latter part of the questions, If there is any error with the scenario, the trigger will be there and you can rerun it later after fixing the issue. But since it won’t revert what has been already done in subsequent module it won’t revert those commits, so it is advisable to use the break module for error handling with Allow Storing of Incomplete Execution module in the scenario settings.


Ah, using the webhook address is a good idea.

Since I’m doing the 1st version, I don’t have a payload example yet. Any chance/idea where to get a sample payload for the different services?

Regarding error handling, RTFM would have helped before asking:

So, I created a test webhook call, and it seems Match correctly receives it:

However, my Scenario is not triggered… It’s turned on, nothing shows up in the logs.

Hey @Robert_M_Munch , what do you mean with


As I can see in the screenshot above, there is clearly a trigger and a log record. What exactly are you looking for?