Trouble Generating a Share Link for a Folder in Google Drive Using Make


I am facing an issue with automating the generation of a share link for a specific folder named “Folder Test” in Google Drive using the Make platform. Here is a detailed description of my problem:

  1. Objective: My goal is to generate a share link for the “Folder Test” folder. I want the system to automatically locate this folder throughout my entire Google Drive without needing to specify its exact path.

  2. Encountered Problem: When I configure the scenario to search for the folder by specifying its complete path, for example, /ok/ok/Folder Test, I successfully obtain a share link. However, when I attempt to set up the scenario to search for “Folder Test” throughout the entire drive without specifying the path, the search fails to locate it, and thus I cannot obtain the share link.

  3. Current Configuration:
    • I am using the “Search for Files/Folders” module in Make to search for the folder by its exact name.
    • The search is set to scan the entire drive (set to the root “/”).
    • I ensure that the ID retrieved is correctly passed to the subsequent module to generate the share link.

Have you encountered this type of issue or do you have suggestions on how to properly configure the scenario so that the folder search works throughout the entire drive without specifying the complete path? Could this be an issue with permissions, Google Drive API configuration, or something else?

Thank you in advance for your help and suggestions!

It appears you cannot search within subfolders using just a single module, and will have to recurse down each subfolder to perform another search, or use a Fulltext search.

For more information, see

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Thank you for the information. I appreciate the clarification on needing to recurse through each subfolder or use a Fulltext search for this functionality.