Trouble with HTTP module connecting to Deepgram :(

Hi folks! I’m working on a scenario that takes an audio file from Google Drive, transcribes it, and outputs the transcript text into a Google Doc. (I have been using Deepgram for transcription because the files I’m working with are about 10x larger than the 25MB limit currently in place on Whisper.)

Every step of my module works except the Deepgram transcript. I get a Google Doc as output, but it contains error text instead of a transcript.

Here is how I’m setting things up in the HTTP module:

With the above setup, I get this error code in the Google Doc:
{"err_code":"Bad Request","err_msg":"Content-type was application/json, but we could not process the JSON payload.","request_id":"94027e94-96cc-4ad9-855a-5ef7a6697226"}

I feel like I’m probably doing something wrong on a basic, obvious level, but…can you help?

Hi @nosepoke, it seems you might be sending invalid JSON.

Are you able to share the payload here? Please make sure to remove any sensitive information :slight_smile:

Talk soon!

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Hey there - thanks for your attention. I’ve decided to forego this workflow as my connection between Google Drive and keeps breaking, and it’s a huge pain to set up.