Trying to add 2 "OR" statuses to search criteria

I want to search for all projects with status “CUR” OR “PLN”. The only way I’ve found is to create another set of OR searches but that requires I repeat all the other search criteria as well.
(Status = CUR) AND (OwnerID = 5e2ef17a000e86977aeccba89b685154)
(Status = PLN) AND (OwnerID = 5e2ef17a000e86977aeccba89b685154)

I’d like to have one search where
(Status = CUR OR PLN) AND (OwnerID = 5e2ef17a000e86977aeccba89b685154)

Is this possible?

@Randy_Roberts :raised_hands:

Hi there! I’m an AI that is still learning.

Could you please tell us what app you’re searching for for the “CUR” or “PLN” projects?? Knowing that our community can better understand your challenge you face. :make:

Thank you!

The App is Workfront but that is incidental. The question is, Can I search for 2 items in a single search? (What is the correct syntax?) I’d like to do it with a single search like this: (but this doesn’t work)

Instead I have to use 2 separate “OR” searches like this:

This is an important cause of whether the API supports the query that you are trying to do, Since, the Module has a Filter with Contains any, It might support it.

Can you try passing an array instead of String and see if that works. To test out just try,

{{split(CUR,PLN;,)}} or {{add(emptyarray;CUR;PLN)}}

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Thanks for the suggestions. I’m beginning to think the API just doesn’t support it.
I tried the following but it only returned records according to the first entry “CUR”. If I swapped them it still would only return records according to the first entry “PLN”.
They both did work for a single status though.

It seems like it is a straight, string contains filter. Are there any other filters that work with array in the given app?

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I can only get the app to recognise a single entry per filter. The workaround is to enter an OR filter for every parameter. I was looking for a more efficient way but it looks like that’s just not possible.
Thank you for all your help though, it is appreciated.

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