Trying to Add Emails to Notion but fail

Hi guys. I’ve tried to add emails to Notion following the steps from this website.

I have already done these steps.

  1. Create MailHook

  2. Add scenario “Create Notion Database”

  3. Link this to a Notion database

  4. Map fields

  5. Set up auto forward email (on gmail)

  6. Now I got the emails coming in to the mail hook.

  7. But it didn’t pass through Notion scenario. Showing this error.

Can you guys suggest how to fix this issue?

Hi. Review your Notion fields map. In title you put an collection and the field type is an string. And an url is mandatory in another field too. It’s a field map issue. Every field has a type to receive the data.

If you need additional support, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


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This is the Notion field that I create.

I don’t know which title is wrong. Please, help. It’s my first time trying to do something like this.


Can you share example of that? I do not understand what’s the title, string or URLs.

Thank u!

I tried to work around but it shows more error.