Trying to extract values from Array

I’m trying to get data from Shopify to Google Sheets.

Under line items, there are properties which contain multiple values that I’m trying to access in an array. What is causing me an issue is each item is “Name” and then “Value” for each property even though they each contain different data.

I want “Date” and “GiftAidDeclaration” - something isn’t quite right with the way I’ve mapped it so I’m looking for some support.

Screenshot 2024-04-09 at 22.24.57

Welcome to the Make community!

To make mapping easier, you can use the built-in function toCollection in a Set Variable module.


{{ toCollection( }}

For more information, see toCollection in the Help Center.


Thank you that worked a treat!

I’ve a slightly different question now.

I have a date that I’m adding to a spreadsheet field but I want to add the week number - I can do this in Sheets with =weeknumber does Make have a similar function? I can’t quite work it out?

Hey there @Stuart_Leech :wave:

Great to hear that @samliew’s advice helped you solve the issue.

As you mentioned, this question seems to be a different issue. Would you mind opening another topic with your problem? This way we keep the community neat and tidy for everybody.

Thanks for understanding!