Cant Extract Data from array

Hi! so i have this scenari in make, basically i want to save data from whoever books my calendly call to a gsheet and then send an email withmaterials for the call.

now from the screen shot you’d see that question and answers bundle is an array, and i need the infos from that bundle for my ghseet, on the output it shows all the data from the questions but when i try to map it in the gsheets module it shows only one question and answer. itried the array iterator and it ran four times and created a four new rows and still didn’t provide other data, all the questions anre meant to be for one row, as they are properties.
see her the iterator shows all the data from that collection but whe its time to map i can only see the last question

see here it runs 4 times kinda creating 4 new rows without the properties

Please can someone help with this?

If your answers are always in the same position, you could get them directly by doing this:



Else you can use get and map function to get answers.


Okay I’ll try this first