Twitter oauth "Something went wrong". Still broken?

Apologies if this has been answered already. I tried searching for this topic but, I only found information from a few months back that said oauth authentication doesn’t work with Twitter 2.0.

Everytime I try to get Make to authenticate my Twitter account, it asks if I want to authenticate makes usage of the account. I click ‘yes’ then I get the message “Oops something went wrong”. I’ve double checked or the key information and made sure that it is correct, but the error persists.

Am I right in understanding that we can no longer use make to access Twitter? Or is there another way that I haven’t discovered yet.

I thank you in advance for any responses.


Hey @ChrisC

Although the Twitter API has been somewhat unpredictable in recent times, I believe you should still be able to create a connection for Twitter 2.0 using this guide: Twitter (


Thanks Olly, I will check this out.

I think it might actually be something to do with my Twitter account since when I try to look at connected apps using the Twitter website, it just tells me something went wrong


That could very much be the reason, maybe try to reach out to Twitter Support regarding the error.