Twitter posting error media ID's does not match


I’m trying to post using Twitter and getting bellow error with the tweet. Does anyone has experience with it ?


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Hmm, looks like you’re trying to apply a regex to an array instead of a string variable type.

1. Screenshots of module fields and filters

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Not help full as bundle data is NULL

Thats why I have debug it share the screenshots

You’ll need to upload the media separately first, you cannot send URLs.




But, I can’t find the Upload media Module in my List !! Any idea ?

Hi @samliew

I see same reply across multiple posts in last 3 hours - For more than 6 posts.

Is this a bot reply? Seems all are same copy paste.

@CristinaVaron @Michaela Can we add this as auto reply to all questions so @samliew’s effort can be saved and users can post it along with their queries.

No, this is not a bot reply. “Bot” implies that the post was made automatically, which is not the case.

If you must know, use Text Blaze: Templates and Snippets ( to set your own text snippets and quickly insert them by typing a shortcut.


Heya @Fasil thanks a lot for bringing this up :pray:

@samliew 's response is, indeed, super accurate. Many questions that get asked in the community lack this specific information. However, we cannot currently turn it into an automated response since it doesn’t apply to every single situation. We did consider a similar option before, but unfortunately, it didn’t work out as well as we had hoped. We are, however, brainstorming new ways to teach users how to ask their questions effectively to receive the most helpful answers possible.

@samliew thanks a lot for the spot-on guidance you provide to other users when troubleshooting. You rock! Oh and thanks a lot for sharing a bit of that behind-the-scenes magic :star: