A feature in Make to make asking questions on community.make.com easier

I’ve even been suspected of being a bot :joy:

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While most of it are boilerplate templates - see link above, I do try to customise the replies and include suggestions or background info as well.

The truth is, if a new user posts their overly broad or vague question here, and nobody replies (even if just to tell them how to provide additional information), then they may feel frustrated about the platform and find alternatives which could also mean a competitor. So the least we could all do is to welcome them to the forum and let them know we can help, but their question needs to be clarified first.

New users also means they are still likely on the Free plan, so they wouldn’t be getting much help from support either. Hence the links to the help center, academy, and relevant tutorials.

If we want to see this community grow, then we need all the help to get the users to ask better questions, so that they can get answers quickly.