Typeform to Ninox

Hello. I’m new to the community. I have set up a scenario to send Typeform responses to our CRM (using Ninox). We already have hundreds of responses from Typeform. The scenario that I have created keeps sending all previous responses from the past, instead of responses that are only sent from now. How do I change this?

Hi. I can imagine you are using the Watch Responses in the first step, right? So do not connect anything after this step. Save the flow and run the scenario manually with no limits to result until no new past result be sent. After that, recconect your next steps and save it. Only the new submissions will be sent to your scenario starting from this moment.

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Another option is to set up a webhook and send the form responses via webhook. This is how we process all of our forms now - we send them to make via webhook and then have make carry out the necessary actions such as adding to the CRM, notifying the account owner, emailing form submitter etc. I did a quick search and found this which should be useful


Thank you very much both for your suggestions, I’ll have a good look at this.

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