When duplicating a scenario, how do I get new data?

I have a scenario in Make, which is working good. In this scenario I am watching a Typeform. When a submission in Typeform has happened that has a certain value, an email is sent with Gmail.
Now I duplicated this scenario and I want to build it with another form.
However, even after running the new form, in the Gmail thing I still only see the old outputs of the duplicated scenario:

How can I get the new outputs from the new form in my new scenario? Do i need to delete the trigger first and create it new?

@JustMo Actually when you configure the Watch Response Trigger, you have to select the form which you want to use. By default the duplicate scenario will carry your previous form configuration hence it will return the previous form data structure.

Hence, if you are duplicating this scenario to watch another Typeform then delete the trigger module and reconfigure with the correct form selection.