Unable to get all urls form Image column from Airtable and stor in Data store

Hi All

I stuck with “simple” scenario. I hope you will be able to help me.

In Airtable I try using Product template which potentially will be very good for me.
Unfortunately I stuck, when I try to automate data collection to Make Data store.
Please have a look for steps and back to me if is not clear.
Thank in advance

Step 1 : Airtable products table

Step 2 : Uploadt 2 or more images

Move to Make :
Step 3 : Connect to Airtable

Step 4 : run connection to get data

Step 5 : Connect to database

Step 6 : Run scenario

Step 7 : Review database (PROBLEM)

At step 7 i can only collect one URL. I try added different typ of combination in Data structure , and as last one i setup following collection:

Problem summary:
I do not have any idea how to collect more then one URL from Airtable (collected as expected) and save in to Data base (collected only one URL)

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Hi @Robert

In the Data store you have mapped the data ID,URL directly from the array(Images) that’s why the result in the data store showing as collection. So please use one iterator to iterate the Image array.

Instead of directly mapping the data ID and URL, employ an array aggregator, specifying the “Target structure type” as the desired data store structure.

  1. Iterator to iterate the Images(Array).
  2. Aggregator with select “Target structure type” as data store structure

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Thank you for your suggestion. Let me try to describe properly my problem :

Expected behavior:
I would like to automatically import products from Airtable in to Woocommerce.
To do this I have to use:
a) plugin
b) API request ?

Current issue “point a”

Scenario description Steps:

  1. created Products table in Airtable (“Product catalog”)
  2. I start building MAKE scenario where:
  • Airtable will be watch records
  • when records will be added/updated will Generate XML file and upload in to FTP
  1. Then Plugin will be loading file daily any will update products.

Current issues:

  1. when I get data from Airtable I see “Manufacturer” as character string but should be “name”. I suspect this is related to Aitrable colum format which is “Allow linking to multiple records”
  2. Product main image and Product gallery showing as expected in Airtable data, but not after this.

  1. The data stor was added only for any update information, or reused for XML creation. Now I’m stuck in point 2 so Database is not important.

  2. regarding you suggestion added product galery(for test purpose)

Unfortunately for Array aggregator i do not see any Target Structure type for selection.

When I run this script i see following results on array aggregator:

Now I connect Data store where i will add only Product gallery to Data store (and ID as a Key)

and then in Data Store:



Cleaned database:

As a results I got this:
Array OK;

Data store:

Data store record:

As the next step I removed Array aggregator:
And results from Integrator:

And from Data store:

Unfortunately in Data dtore databse I see only first record:

As the next debug step I created Collection structure for Product Gallery

Cleaned database

Data stroe setup:

And run scenario:

Looks ok, but only one record was captured and stored :

Added Array Aggregator

And update Data Store


Data store:

Still showing only one record from 21.
Any Idea how to add other records ?
Thank in advance