Unable to save Scenario: "Unknown Exception: unsupported Unicode"

I’m using a HTTP module to download a zip file containing XML data.

Although I’m able to extract the zip file and convert it to true XML in a later steps, I’m unable to save the scenario due to an ‘Unknown Exception: unsupported Unicode escape sequence’.

This seems to be caused by the actual data that is returned (weird characters, see image).

Anyone knows how I can solve this?

i’m having the very same problem, and i cant change the origin… I need a way that Make ignore this… any idea?!

i was able to solve using “text parser”

html (with parse response set to no) → text parser (removing the field with problem) → json parser

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Hey @petrybr thanks so much for stepping back in to share the solution to the challenge with the community! 100% appreciated :pray:

Also, awesome that you figured this out on your own. Keep up the great work :star: