Paypal webhook data with no UTF-8 format

I get a json on webhook paypal with some encoded/urlencode text (firstname) = S%E1ndor, how to convert this to show = Sándor on UTF-8 format ?

You’ll have to set the correct encoding on PayPal itself, so that they can send the data to Make using UTF-8

For more information, see


@samliew This is a old article, paypal do not have this option anymore, I can´t find it.

Add a ‘Set variable’ module to your scenario after the PayPal webhook create a variable.
Use the decodeURL function to decode the URL-encoded string. For example, enter the function decodeURL and pass the encoded text as the parameter:


Replace 1.firstname with the actual variable path that contains the URL-encoded first name.

This will convert S%E1ndor into Sándor. Now you can use the variable in subsequent modules of your scenario to reference the UTF-8 formatted first name.


@ThakurHemansh I already try this, no works

You tried using that on the link that web hook is giving
It might work


Then why am I seeing this page on my PayPal?

I’m telling you, it works.

This is the only correct solution because it fixes the problem at the source.

Maybe this link may help you


You was right, this is the link:, then click on more option:


Is possible make the change there:

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No problem, glad I could help!

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