Custom Webhook / message content and signature

Hi everyone,

I need to create a custom web hook (for Discord, as advised by the support) in order to instantly receive notifications from Discord.

To receive messages, and even to perform the first connection setup, I need to perform a signature verification of the message.

This requires a SHA512/HMAC hashing of the received message to be compared with the signature received in a header.
I tried everything (changing the encoding of the message, with/without json markup, different key/hash encoding, etc. etc.) but I have never succeeded to get the same signature as the one received.
I tried so many combination (in addition to searching for solutions and using external hmac generators to compare) that I used half of my account operations, drying them out to 0 :frowning: .

So now I’m wondering:

  • Has anyone performed this kind of verification with incoming payload? (found nothing about Make and Discord on this matter)
  • Do Make modifies the content (accessible in the value field when you activate the “JSON pass-through” option)?
  • What is the string encoding for the strings used inside Make scenarios?

Thank you all

I already noticed that the Custom Webhook converts the encoding of the message. The message is sent to Make as UTF8, and when I received it out of the Custom WebHook, I don’t know what it is, but not UTF8. If I convert it back, it’s already better, but the error still remain.

  • Which codepage does Make transforms the messages into?
  • What other changes to Make perform to the messages?


I still don’t get the internal codepage used by Make.

Simplest scenario I can build is:

  • Just a JSON Parser module
  • input text: { “name”: “test”}

Entered like this, running the module works.

However, if the same text is received through a web request as utf-8, or even copied from a utf-8 file, the parsing fails and the issue are the spaces. Replacing the spaces directly inside make makes the validation work…

Following, I need to do nearly the same thing.

Do you have some more info, like images? Where is the data located, how does the garbled data look, what kind of settings are you using etc.?

Helps a lot more to possibly assist :wink: