Update Google Sheet with Calendly Booking

Hello makers,

as a recruiting agency, we are generating leads for our clients to hire the best people.
One important step of the process is the qualification of the leads.
One part of it is, that the person has to book an appointment on Calendly to get in contact with the new employer.

Before the person can do that, he/she fills out a form. The data of the form is sent via make to a google sheet. The last column of the data set is called “calendly booking” and is empty after the sign up.
As soon as the person books an appointment (which is only possible through an email, which the person is getting after the sign up) the column “Calendly Booking” should be updated with a check.

Any ideas how I can get there?

Thanks for your answers and sorry If this is too basic :see_no_evil:

Hi @personalfix

This looks very simple. You need to watch new Calendly bookings using the “Watch Event” module.

Then, connect the “Get Event” module to get more details - say the email id of the person. This email should be searched in the Google sheet using the “Search Rows” module.

Once found, you can update the corresponding row.

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Thanks @Mohamed_Jahar , worked! Problem solved :slight_smile:

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