Update product stock in multiple sheet rows

Hi folks,

I get more and more kind of addicted to make :slight_smile:

Actually I try to build a fully automated refill stock warning system with sheets

Make should add automatically some data in the background

Now I am challenged with a simple looking action, but I can‘t get it work. I retreive a list of stock values combined with article numbers as the reference from my erp‘s api and want to update those stock values in a google sheets table.

The modules that are there only update one specific cell or row, but I want to do that for the whole list (let’s say 100 items) in a batch.

How can that be made?

Thx in advance

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Ok, I could make it, by adding a module “search Google Sheets” and using the returning row number as a variable to update the related row in the next module “update a cell in Google sheets”


Heya @Dusticelli!

Awesome to hear that you’re getting addicted to the platform :nerd_face:

Also, great work figuring this out! Thanks so much for getting back to your topic and sharing the solution with the community, we genuinely appreciate that :raised_hands: